Ages 18 months to 2 years located in the OCEAN CLASSROOM. 

Let's take a look inside: 

Our classroom is painted with deep blue and white swirls. It appears as if you were surrounded by water. Bright colorful deep sea & ocean life float across the walls in beautiful life like appliqués. All the furniture is kid size; such as tables, chairs, shelving, even the toilets and sinks! We want to make our Little Rascals feel comfortable in their surroundings. Toilet training is a breeze as we assist you in training your little one. Bulletin boards are large & bright & the themes change monthly. 

We Love to display our Little Rascals artwork and mobiles throughout the center. We take lots of photographs of the children as they engage in activities. With your permission, we display them throughout the center and will post them in our "Gallery" on our web site. 

When our toddlers become strong, walking independently, they are ready for our toddler class. Child to staff ratio is 5:1. This ratio enables our staff to give our Little Rascals lots of attention and love. The
Toddler Developmental Milestones are simply a resource for teachers and parents. Toddler teachers create daily schedules to ensure that they expose your child to the full breadth of activities necessary to reach various milestones. Toddler’s needs are ever-changing and we adapt our day around the children’s needs and moods. We are frequently updating our learning equipment and toys to ensure the best for your little one. Language is extremely important part of their development. We are always telling stories, singing, reciting nursery rhymes, fingerplays, and just talking. It is important that we encourage children to express themselves verbally. 

Lifelong good habits are being taught such as behavior, sleeping, eating, sharing, manners & respect. We encourage parents as partners to call or visit at any time. We welcome your input. 

Time to explore! 

Large motor skills:
We know toddlers need a safe space to climb, crawl, slide & tumble so we have the perfect solution, soft foam vinyl slip resistant play mats. These foam shapes encourage toddlers to climb, crawl, slide, and move over, under & through tunnels. What a great way to develop motor skills & depth perception. We also use a small colorful parachute to exercise our bodies. The use of a doll or ball in the center makes for even more giggles. 

We learn through play such as stacking, size, balance, patterns, & matching. Toddlers love the concept of dumping anything from a basket, box, or storage container filled with toys. They love to empty & fill up again. This is all the beginning phases of science. 

What are manipulatives? A manipulative could be anything from cheerios, puzzles, large beads, to bowls. In essence, anything we can touch to create or recreate. This is the early stages of problem solving. Fine motor: This area of development is the opposite of using large muscles; we focus on small muscles such as hands, arms, fingers, head, etc. The simplest concept such as throwing balls, stacking blocks, using a crayon on paper, turning pages in a book, to using silverware to feed themselves. 

One of our main focuses at this stage of development is communication. At this stage, our goal is encouraging children to use words for something they want, not pointing or grunting. Encouraging children to repeat words or phrases, increasing their vocabulary to eight or more words, in addition to mama & daddy. 

Dramatic play:
This area will recreate home living such as feeding a baby doll, changing its clothes, playing tea party, acting out events in our daily lives; interaction & social skills.