"We always found your staff extremely caring and friendly."

We would like to extend to you our thanks, gratitude and praise for the excellent care and education you have given to Olivia for the last two years. We believe she is very prepared socially and mentally to start her kindergarten career! 

We always found your staff extremely caring and friendly. They seemed to know when to joke with the kids and when to be firm. Your pre-K staff was extremely knowledgeable, the progress reports we received were very helpful in charting Olivia's progress. We always noticed that even when we picked Olivia up after four o'clock that Miss Amanda was still in a teaching mode, but at the same time the kids were having so much fun Olivia really didn't want to leave! 

Your facility is top rate. It was always perfectly clean, yet very inviting. We never worried about leaving Olivia at school between your secure doors and very secure playground out back. 

You and your staff do an excellent job of blending keeping the kids entertained, but yet making sure they get a great education - thank you very much! 

The Haseley family

“… becoming part of our extended family…”

Thank you Little Rascals for EVERYTHING...becoming part of our extended family these past 6 years!! We love you and will miss you!

Kirsten Smith

“Little things you do day in and day out do not go unnoticed”

To you your wonderful staff at Little Rascals, Thank you so much for everything you have done over the past 10 months for carter and Ellie. You made their transition into day care very easy.  They LOVE coming to school and we couldn't be happier.  The Little things you do day in and day out do not go unnoticed.      Thank You again for all you do!!   See you in the fall!

Jason and Maria Dool

"...as well as maintaining an immaculate setting. It always smells so clean."

As our time at Little Rascals comes to a close, we wanted to tell you how much we have appreciated your center over the past        6 years. it is apparent how much you and your wonderful staff love the children at Little Rascals.  We always found confident in dropping ours girls off and knowing they were in good hands.  Not only were they well taken care of, our girls learned invaluable foundational skills to help them be successful in grade school.  we really appreciate how good character and Values were reinforced at school.

Little Rascals is truly a special place and I hope you will continue to positively influence the lives of children and their families for many years to come.

Thank You Beth & Zach Gaskill

“... your staff has been so great that my worries diminished very quickly.”

I just want to thank you and your staff so much for all you have done so far with Anson. 

I was so nervous to send my 8 week old baby to daycare and your staff has been so great that my worries diminished very quickly. Margaret and Bernadette are so on top of things all the time. They helped us create an eating schedule and keep accommodating each change we make as he grows. I love the daily updates and really feel that All the staff cares tremendously about my son’s well being. 

Thanks so much for all that, as well as maintaining an immaculate setting. It always smells so clean. Thanks again. 

The Czosek Family

"We have always had complete confidence when leaving our children at Little Rascals." - The Secrist Family

     "..When we leave our girls at your school, they are loved, cared for and nurtured." - The Gaskill Family

 "I love how the children were able to go on field trips..." - Danielle Domanski

The past 2 1/2 years have gone so fast it is hard to believe Raidyn is leaving Little Rascals to go to kindergarten. I want to thank you all so much for the attention and excellent care you have given Raidyn while she attended Little Rascals. I really appreciate all the things she was able to learn here that well prepared her for her future. My family and I were all impressed by the cleanliness of the building and the attention given to the children by all the staff. I love how the children were able to go on field trips for ice cream and to the park. If possible, I would like Raidyn to come back during breaks from school. I will recommend anyone who asks where a great daycare is to send their children to Little Rascals. Thank you all so much for your service!

 Sincerely, Danielle Domanski


"They really focus on teaching the children at every age level..." - Stacey Pitcher    

I am a first time mom who unfortunately had to return to work when my son was 11 weeks old. Since both myself and my husband work full time I had to find a safe place for my little man. I chose to bring him to Little Rascals because of the cleanliness of the facility and the friendliness of the staff. It was the best decision I ever made!! If we cannot be home with Gunner, this is the only place we want him to be!

The staff is always so welcoming and friendly, always making you feel like a part of the Little Rascals family. They are always ready to help out if needed and I can see that they truly care about each child there. My son is just about 2 yrs old now and he looks forward to “school” every day. He has made many friends and developed many skills through his attendance at the center. They really focus on teaching the children at every age level, preparing them for the years of education ahead of them.

 I would recommend Little Rascals to any parent looking for a great place to care for their child. I can focus on my job and not worry about his safety, because I know he is in great hands!! It is truly a top notch facility!!

 Sincerely, Stacey Pitcher


Loved by Parents and Children Everywhere!