Ages 3 to 4 years located in the SAFARI ROOM. 

Let's take a look inside: 

Our Pre-K classroom is located in the Safari Room this room has walls painted in dark green & white swirls of paint. Colorful wallpaper boarder surrounds the classroom with a jungle theme. The huge bulletin boards are covered with the children's artwork; the bulletin board themes are changed monthly. Mobile crafts hang from the ceiling that each child has made for everyone to enjoy. This classroom is just like stepping into a kindergarten classroom. 

As in all our programs, you will find the curriculum to be well rounded and developmentally appropriate. Our
daily schedule helps plan our day. Reading is very important to us and we love to read stories from books, listen to stories on cassettes with headphones as we watch the stories unfold with colorful pictures. Age appropriate books are on shelves at kid level so they can create stories from the pictures as they turn each page. There are many items in our daily lesson plans. 

We expose children to many skills such as counting, simple sequencing, position & direction, size distinction. Small & large motor skills are developing quickly at this age. We begin with kids safety scissors and practice simple cutting skills. Beginning writing skills are introduced as we begin to trace the first initial in their first name. Around this age we encourage independence, increasing social & emotional development, listening, co-operation. We have daily hands on activities with arts & crafts for your little one to display proudly at the center and at home. 

Learning through play! Play is a very important role in the healthy physical and mental development of a child. We strive to provide play environments that allow children to engage in the cycle of learning through taking risks, coping with failure, buuilding confidence, and enhancing self esteem. Our strong educational foundation provides learning opportunities to stimulate all aspects of a child's development through play. 


  1. COGNITIVE - critical thinking skills & creative development.
  2. SOCIAL - learning to interact with others.
  3. LANGUAGE & LITERACY PLAY - development of vocabulary, understanding the relationship between word & letters.
  4. PHYSICAL PLAY - development of fine & gross motor skills.