Ages 4 to 5 years located in the SAFARI ROOM. 

Let's take a look inside: 

Our Pre-K classroom is located in the Safari Room this room has walls painted in dark green & white swirls of paint. Colorful wallpaper border surrounds the classroom with a jungle theme. The huge bulletin boards are covered with the children's artwork; the bulletin board themes are changed monthly. Mobile crafts hang from the ceiling that each child has made for everyone to enjoy. This classroom is just like stepping into a kindergarten classroom. 

Our focus is Kindergarten readiness at the age of 4 and 5. This class also has a structured setting with daily lesson plans. Our learning approach is so good that when our children test for kindergarten readiness in the summer they excel in all areas of testing, and our parents are beaming with pride! Our morning lesson plans start at 9 a.m. We begin with circle time where we review the calendar, assign Classroom Helpers for the day, read stories related to our weekly theme and review the letter of the week through a fantastic music series. We also have "show-n-tell" on Fridays, sing nursery rhymes, recite poems, and a daily discussion of whatever is on the children's minds. 

We know how important the skills of computers are so we have 4 computers in the Safari Room for hands on learning. There are so many fun activities from water and bird seed tables where children use beginning math skills and don't even know it by filling, emptying, measuring, etc. Large colorful exercise mats are brought out to work those large muscles from rolling, tumbling, hoping & jumping. We also have a large colorful parachute to exercise our arms and legs. Children are exposed to language/reading arts, music, art & crafts, & many specific gross & fine motor activities. We continue to build on writing skills and eventually print their entire name, can cut well with kid’s scissors, color inside the lines, recognizes letters, & (simple) written words, knows all shapes and colors. As parents, you can continue to build on their education by reviewing the lessons they learn each day. When the weather permits, we go outside for lots of large muscle activities on our spacious playground and trike riding area. We also play basketball, catch, soccer, kickball, draw with chalk, & let's not forget bubbles!!