6 Weeks to 18 Months located in the ZOO ROOM. 

What babies need most is love, cuddling, and lots of human contact! 

At Little Rascals we believe that parents have given us an extreme honor of entrusting us with their most precious gift, their child. Caregivers must work together with parents through good communication to ensure that your Little Rascal is given individualized care. Our communication system has many avenues such as daily sheets. This is a report that is filled out throughout the day, not just once, by our caregivers. It will keep you informed as to intake, sleeping pattern, and baby milestones. Our
daily activities fill their day. Here at Little Rascals we always work together as a close knit team and there is always a staff member available to hold, change a diaper, or feed your baby throughout the day. 

Our classrooms have individual decor themes. 

Our Infant Care Room is painted in a beautiful rich violet color that is cheerful to the eye, (not a drab solid white or tan). This room is decorated in the theme of the zoo. Cute wallpaper border and large wall zoo animal prints enthrall and excite our little ones minds. The sounds heard are giggles & soft music. 

The floor is carpeted for warmth and comfort. We pride ourselves on our exceptionally clean center. The atmosphere is definitely an inviting one. From the colorful surroundings, to age appropriate toys, soft climbing cubes, to our cozy corner to snuggle up in the arms of our staff for a relaxing rock in the glider rocker. Our staff ratio is 1:4 and this reflects in quality loving care. 

Continuity in child care, our staff is truly dedicated to Little Rascals. We treat each other with respect and you will quickly get the feeling we are a second family to the children and each other. Because of this, we have an extremely low turn-over rate in our caregivers. 

We encourage you to call us any time to check on your Little Rascal, answer questions or just chat. Remember we are here for you! We have an open door.