The hand chosen staff are some of the best in our area. We respect our employees; as we would want to be treated in regards to flexible scheduling, pay scale, camaraderie, vacation pay and praise for their great work. Our staff is well trained in child care and receives continued education that never stops. 

Everyone from the Director to Teachers Assistants work diligently every day to make sure the center is clean. Every room in the center has a cleaning list that must be completed monthly, from equipment, walls, carpet, floors, and toys, to windows. 

We always are overwhelmed by the terrific letters, cards and word of praise from our present and past clients. Please click on the REFERRALS link to read more. 

Yummy !! Each month a well balanced lunch menu is planned and approved by a registered dietician. We post the menu in our foyer area for review each morning. Many parents like to discuss with their Little Rascal what is for lunch each day upon entering the center. Also, we make photocopies of the menu so that you can post it at home. We also provide two snacks and breakfast. 

FOOD ALLERGIES - We have experience with dealing with children who have food allergies and will be happy to accommodate the needs of your child. 

All toys and equipment are constantly monitored for safety. Our staff is well educated as to the appropriate toys and equipment for each classroom. All toys that require batteries are frequently replaced with fresh ones (we should own stock in Duracell). There are video cameras in every classroom and a monitor in the Director's Office. Feel free to sit down and watch anytime, but for even better viewing each classroom has viewing windows so you can watch your little one anytime. 

We have terrific staff members who work diligently to provide daily lesson plans with weekly themes and include a lot of fun, hands on, activities. We have many clients who teach in our local schools and they are thrilled with the quality of care we offer. Our parents gush with compliments about our curriculum, how well rounded it is and developmentally appropriate. We expose the children to reading/language arts and mathematics. Other areas are music, art, physical education and many specific gross and fine motor skills. We encourage parents as partners to review and practice the lessons taught that day. 

All the classrooms at Little Rascals are brightly painted walls with beautiful wallpaper borders and matching appliqués. Every room has a decorative theme from the ZOO ROOM (6 weeks to 2 years), OCEAN ROOM (2 years to 3 years), to the SAFARI ROOM (4 and 5 year olds). When you enter our center, you immediately get a warm, fuzzy feeling from the decor, the extremely clean center, the scent of fresh fragrances (not bleach or urine!), the incredible staff, to the sounds of music and giggles of children. 

We like to think of our children, staff and parents as one big family. Communication is paramount and we work very hard to make sure we all stay involved in the raising of our Little Rascals. We love to celebrate holidays and have parties and decorations to add to the festive mood. We ask parents and grandparents to join in on the fun. Every Thanksgiving we offer a large Thanksgiving Feast. All families are invited as the Director prepares a scrumptious meal of turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, applesauce, corn, dinner rolls and cranberries. Parents love to donate desserts and we all join in on the tummy filling experience.